So, You’d Like to Own a Horse?


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This useful book is designed to give guidance on the subject of owning a horse, which is an extremely personal decision.

It had often been suggested that Pam Rigby should write a book on this subject and when Pam ‘retired’ from running one of the largest and most sucessful riding schools in Cheshire, she finally found the time to put some of her wealth of experience of horse owning and management down onto paper.

Pam holds the British Horse Society’s Stable Manager’s Certificate and is a BHS Intermediate Instructor. She is a Fellow of the ABRS, and an RDA Training Advisor. Pam was awarded the MBE for her services to Equestrianism in 2013.

Pam aims this book towards enthusiastic amateur riders, who are now considering becoming horse owners, or parents who need some help in costings and commitment!

Riders from teenagers upwards, probably already attending large equestrian events as spectators, will probably enjoy reading this book.

There are chapters giving guidance on :-

Cost of basic care,



 Clubs, Competitions




Finding the right horse,

and many more aspects of horse owning.


“I hope the horse you decide to own is happy being owned by you!”

 Pamela Rigby, MBE.

The cost of this book is £12.99 including postage and packing.



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